Get Involved with Island Beach State Park

Everything You Should Know About The Friends of IBSP!

The Friends of Island Beach State Park (Friends of IBSP) is a non-profit volunteer organization formed to enhance interpretive, educational, recreational & research programs, and events at Island Beach State Park. Our mission is to further public appreciation and stewardship of the park.

Our members come from a wide range of  backgrounds and occupations but have in common a  variety of interests in this beautiful State Park. The Friends of Island Beach State Park, Inc. is a non-profit tax exempt corporation as defined by the United States Internal Revenue Code 501-C-3 and was officially incorporated in 1996.

Our primary objectives include:

  • To raise and receive funds or property to assist in the enhancement of the nature habitat, buildings, and properties of Island Beach State Park.
  • To encourage protection of the barrier island ecosystem.
  • To support activities, educational & special events, and programs that further public appreciation, participation, and stewardship of the park.
  • To encourage support for park programs through volunteer participation, fund raising, and dissemination of information.

2024 Board Members

The following individuals have graciously donated their time and skills to be a part of the Friends of Island Beach State Park Board for 2024:

  • President: Charles Homoki
  • Vice President: Rick McDaniel
  • Treasurer: Rosemary Hall
  • Recording Secretary: Wendy Goodman
  • Corresponding Secretary: Gerry Finnegan
  • Membership Secretary: Laura Lange
  • Trustee: William Gwyer
  • Trustee (Surf Program Committee): Ray Hallgreen
  • Trustee (Surf Program Committee): Josh Starner
  • Trusteee (Gate Donations Chairperson): Daphne LaFountain
  • Trustee (Tech Committee): Carol Kondrach
  • Trustee (Tech Committee): Sandy Bonagura
  • Trustee (Tech Committee): Keiran McGarry
  • Trustee (Trails Day Coordinator): Kevin Tumpey
  • Trustee: Paul Lang
  • Trustee: (Social Media Chairperson) Katie Marra
  • Trustee: (Development Chairperson) James Ballot
  • Trustee: Gloria Tait
  • Trustee: Walter Orlovsky



  • Volunteer Coordinator - Stevie Thorsen