Get Involved with Island Beach State Park

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

If you are seeking a rewarding project to engage your staff, we invite you to participate in a Corporate Beach Cleanup! Trash poses a significant challenge along the Jersey Shore, and ensuring Island Beach State Park remains free of debris is crucial for preserving its pristine habitat. By dedicating your time, you'll not only contribute to environmental conservation but also foster team spirit and make a tangible difference in our community. Together, let's ensure this beautiful coastline remains a place of natural beauty for generations to come. Additionally, making a tax deductible donation will allow our non profit organization to continue working to preserve and maintain Island Beach State Park.

Suggested Donation:

Up to 15 volunteers: $1000

15 - 30 volunteers: $2500

30 - 50 volunteers: $5000

Thank you to Genmab for supporting our 2024 cleanup effort! Their group of 30 volunteers cleaned up 90 pounds of trash!