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Osprey Cam


*Mouse over the video feed and then mouse over HD so the settings will appear. Select 720 for best picture.


Osprey 101

Want to learn more about the osprey? What do osprey eat? Do they mate for life? Where do they go in the winter? Check out this FAQ from our friends at Conserve Wildlife: 


Camera Updates 

Our team of officers and volunteers have donated a tremendous amount of time and resources to bring the old camera back. As you know, we’ve got it up and running, but we’re not done yet! We’re in the process of moving our hosting service that brings you the live steam of the Osprey to another, more robust service. Over the next few week, please pardon any disruptions as we make these changes.

We’re also in the process of repairing the faulty camera, which will be brought on-line at Pavilion 1 later this month. With the Pavilion camera, FOIBSP will also be installing brand new weather station, bringing IBSP experience to you, in just a few clicks!


Support the Camera

If you’ve enjoyed watching the Osprey Cam, we ask you to MAKE A DONATION to help us raise money to support camera. The Osprey Cam brings enjoyment and excitement to both adults and children alike.

Friends of Island Beach State Park is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and your donations are tax deductible.